December 22, 2019 - BY Admin

Send FREE bulk Whatsapp messages

WhatsApp is a highly effective correspondence solution. It has ended up being largely preferred due to its modesty and efficiency.

WhatsApp Marketing when used for Business is reliable, helpful, excellent, productive and very impressive tool and you can get started off quickly in most cases instantly.

WhatsApp is the new cutting-edge SMS. Our perception is WhatsApp can be a very powerful and stable advertising, marketing and traffic generation tool.

It is the 1st App you check early in the morning and the last App before you go to sleep. Now, Imagine WhatsApp has become such an important part of your life.

Don’t you think time has come to make it part of our Business.?

I want to introduce to you today whatsApp marketing TOOL called Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Pro. It is a windows operating system software that operates with artificial intelligence and able to send unlimited messages to an active whatsapp users. It has been proven to be more effective than email marketing, With whatsApp, you can promote your business and services to over 128 million Nigerians active on whatsApp by leveraging via bulk whatsapp marketing pro tool.

The Best Offer For You

This software has one of the most advanced and WhatsApp look-alike features that you can expect out of an Automation tool for sending Bulk WhatsApp marketing messages.

The tool can also filter users from the list of contacts you have available for sending messages and then find the active users who are using WhatsApp all is done automatically. And even further, you can then filter WhatsApp users based on the Last Seen status of WhatsApp users.

For example, out of 50000 contacts, you have 45000 people on WhatsApp. You further segment the list based on user’s last seen status on WhatsApp. So, weeding out users who have not been active in the past 6 months and sending messages to only active users who will actually see your messages.

This did not only do you save the time & efforts to market to wrong people. But, also find more interactions, better conversions, and better response to your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

One time payment and life time usage

You’ll only have to pay us one-time, since we will give you the engine to send WhatsApp messages from your own PC.